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Why Framing Portraits is Important. A Guide to Framed Photo Prints.

photo of framed prints on a wall

Have you ever wanted to get your family or pet photographs printed and framed? Many families want framed photo prints, but few know where to start. This is why having a photographer that is experienced with printing and framing is so important. They will handle all of this for you through a professional lab and guarantee their prints.

But, you are here because you have digital photos that you want to print without a photographer. We are going to tell you how.

First, you need to find a lab. There are many labs for the everyday person, but our favorite is Mpix. Mpix has great prices and has pretty good quality. However, you need to be careful because:

  • the photos must be in the sRGB color profile. This is something that you can change, but will likely need a photo editing software to do it. And most photographers don't allow you to make edits to their photos through their contracts so be sure to talk to your photographer. If your photographer gave you printing rights, they should be able to help you out!

  • the photos might look different when you print. Printing can make the photos darker than they appear on your screen. And depending on your computer screen the print could come out much different looking

  • you will likely need your print release if the photo was taken by another photographer. Cameras are smart and they put data into digital images, including who took the photo. If this person does not match your name, the printing service might reach out asking for a print release. This is something your photographer could have given you or it could be in the contract you signed when booking them.

  • big prints can lose image quility if the image size is not large enough. Mpix will tell you if this is the case.

Second, you will need to know what you want. This includes size and type of art. Do you want a canvas, a wrap, or a print? To know this you need to know what the differences are. I am assuming you know what a print is. But, you might be surprised to know that a canvas does not wrap all the way around an image, it is stapled on the side. That is the difference between a canvas and a wrap. A wrap is stapled to the back and is what most clients want when they say they want a canvas.

Third, if you get a canvas or print, you will need to get a frame. Mpix has frame options, but they are limited. You could also get a frame from most big stores. Sometimes frames come with glass and other times they don't.

And last, you need to hand the art on your wall! Depending on the size you can't just hang it up, you will need to make sure the nail is in part of the wall that is sturdy. If it is not, then a heavy artpeice can potentialyl fall, break, and really mess up your wall.

As you can see, a lot goes into getting your family and pet portraits onto your wall. If you are around South Central Indiana, Sage + Sable does all of this for you.

At your viewing party, we come to your home and project your photos on your wall. We then go over the sizes and types of art you want. Throughout this process we will examine your walls and find the best places to hang prints and large wraps. Then we will order the artwork you want for your home through a professional printing service and find locally made frames that fit your home within the budget that you give us. Once we find some frame options we will contact you pick your favorite frame. Then we hand deliver your artwork and hang it on your walls for you.

You are a busy family. With Sage + Sable, you will get beautiful artwork for your home without the hassile of doing it all yourself. We will do the work of getting your family or pet photos printed, framed, and delivered to your home.

From our camera to your walls, Sage + Sable is with you.

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