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Preparing Your Pet for Portraits

an orange cat portrait of a walking cat that is looking at the camera

Most pets are excited and that's ok! If your pet is very excited for their pet portraits, don't stress. Most pets are, and many are scared if they aren't excited. Getting their photo professionally taken is not normal to them.

But, you can prepare them for the session.

First, you might want to practice some basic commands. Think sit, stay, and come. If they know lay down, that could be a great one to brush up on too. However, if they don't know these. Don't fret! Most pet photographers have their ways to photograph dogs that don't know commands.

Second, if your session is at a park, take your pet to that park to walk or play a few times before the session. You might even show up 30 minutes before the session so that your pet has time to get used to the new environement.

Third, bring their favorite toy and treats! These are so helpful to have during the session.

If you have a pet that can't leave the home or would be more comfortable at home, then have the session there!

Sage + Sable wants your pets to be comforatable when getting their portraits taken. This is why we have the consult before the session. This is a great time for us to learn more about your pet, give you tailored tips on preparing your pet for portraits, and, if you want, meet your pet during the consult too!

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