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It's Hard to Dress for Family Photos. Let Sage + Sable Help.

portrait of a girl under an umbrella

When I was in high school my grandma hired a photographer to have our family photos taken. My choice of outfit was all wrong, but the photography process was typical.

My grandma booked the sesssion.

We drove to the studio.

Got our photo taken.

Went home.

Saw the gallery.

Grandma picked her favorite photo.

And more than 10 years later, that photo is still hanging in my grandmas home.

I wish the photographer would have walked us through what to wear. I wore this orange, pink, and white patterned shirt with way too much makeup. Others were wearing different patterns in different colors. Maybe one person was in a solid color.

The skill of the photograoher was great. The outfits were all wrong. And that photo is still hanging in gradma's house.

This is why at Sage + Sable, we are so passionate about helping our clients wear the right outfits for their photos. We want your portraits to be timeless and we understand you are busy.

So let us do the work to pick out what you will wear during your photography session.

There are many ways that we can help you dress for family photos:

  • Go to your home, look at all you have, and tell you the best options with what you have (available with all sessions & packages).

  • Look through photos of clothing that you send us (available with all sessions & packages).

  • Go with you while you shop for any new outfits. We recommend looking through your closet first though (available with all sessions & packages).

  • Let you use any dresses in our dress collection (available with all sessions & packages).

  • Buy one new dress for your session (available with the Harmony package).

  • Buy all new outfits for your family & take care of hair & makeup (available with the Unity package).

The best part is that you get to pick what works best for you and your family. You can be as involved as you want. We can do it all or we can simply help you out.

Let's capture timeless memories and create beautiful art for your home. Located in South Central Indiana, but will travel within reason.

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