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Family mini sessions near me in Indiana? What are they and why I prefer full sessions.

DIY milk and cookie mini holiday/ Christmas session stand

Right now, mini sessions are the trend, but what are they? For every photographer, you will likely get a different answer.

Some say it is just a 30 minute or less session.

Some say it is a specific day of back to back sessions that are 30 minutes or less.

Some say it is a specific day of back to back sessions.

And, some even call an hour session a mini session.

We fall into the second category.

We believe a mini session is a specific day of back to back sessions that are 30 minutes or less. Typically, Sage + Sable's mini sessions are locatied in Indiana, and are 20 minutes long, with a 10 minute break between each session. Your girl needs a drink (or to use the restroom)!

But, historically we have only done mini sessions three times a year. . .

You heard that right, we don't do many family mini sessions. Why?! Everyone is doing them and people love them. True, which is why we do them three times a year. But we just feel they aren't as personable. They are so quick, and we have to set timers on our phones, and we don't get to truly know our clients.

When do we do mini sessions:

one for Mother's Day

one for the fall, and

one Christmas themed

However, next year we will only be doing our Mother's Day and Christmas mini sessions. Why? We much rather prefer full sessions because we get to know you and your family.

While a family mini session is fun, full sessions are our favorite because we get to know you. . .

At Sage + Sable, our full sessions are typically an hour, but if needed they are longer. Our goal is simple: to capture photos that will create timeless works of art for your home.

This is why we typically only have one session a day, and at most, two (AM and PM). We want to take the time to give you something you will cherish for life. We want you to have a peice of art that you brag about to your friends. And, we want to get to know your family. All of these goals take more than 20 minutes.

Mini sessions are a glimpse, but they are not the whole experience.

Family mini sessions near me in Indiana - we are currently booking a family mini session: our Mother's Day Mini Session.

Sage + Sable has a family mini session coming up on March 9, 2024. We are so excited because it is our first mini session that we are including a "mini album" with!

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