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Choosing the perfect outfit for your family photography session in South Central Indiana

A family photo with a mom, dad, and daughter

Choosing an outfit can be difficult on a normal day, but what the heck do you wear to a family portrait session in South Central Indiana?! And how in the world do you get everyone to match?

Well, with the right photographer, its actually pretty easy, but here are our five tips for looking your best:

1. Think about the family photography session.

If the photography session is a themed mini session, then wear clothing that matches the theme. For example, if you booked a Christmas Holiday themed mini session, then greens, whites, and reds would look great. This is also usually a pretty fun family session where maybe you don't need to watch your patterns too much. Maybe you have cute matching onesies for everyone or maybe everyone is wearing jeans and a sweater. These minis are something that you can have fun with or dress more seriously for.

If the photography session is an outdoor, unthemed session, then more neutral colored clothing typically looks best. Too many patterns can be super distracting in photos, but one or two can look nice so log as they are coordinated well with the other outfits.

2. Think about how you want the portraits to look.

When you hang that photo up on your wall, what do you want to see every day? Do you want a causal look were everyone is in jeans? A semi formal look, where some are in dresses and others are in khakis or nice jeans? Or, do you want a formal look?

3. Think about the location.

Is your family photography session in an urban area, a park, the woods, or the ocean. For many of these places similar outfits will work, but don't forget about your footwear!

Many outdoor locations are not suitable for platform heels, however wear them if that is for you! Learn from my mistakes, and bring along some walking shoes.

4. Think about how you feel.

The main goal: you want to feel confident. If you don't like how you look in the mirror in an outfit, you likely won't like that outdit in photos either. And along this line, stay away from definite fads/ trends because when the trend dies, it might leave you wishing you wore something different.

You also want to be comfortable in your outfit. an hour photo session won't be fun if your clothes are super uncomfortable or if you get blisters on your feet!

5. Think about the weather.

In South Central Indiana, it is hard to know exactly what the weather will be, making it hard to pick out an outfit for your family photography session.

Just because it rains doesn't mean you can't have your family photo sessions (although many photographers will ask if you want to reschedule and it is totally fine if you do)! A cute rain jacket, jeans, and matching rain boots can be so cute. And have you seen those photos of a family walking under an umbrella?

Snow is another one that you can have a lot of fun with! Have you ever had snow angel photos taken? Photos taken while having a snowball fight? Just make sure to wear a cute winter jacket and snow shoes and we can have so much fun together!

At Sage + Sable Photography, we believe in providing more . . .

Creating beautiful wall art for our clients means we have to be involved with outfit coordination. And, we do just that. For all of our full family sessions we have an in person (or zoom/ phone if necessary) consult to discuss outfit corrdination. We want to see what you are planning to wear and help you pick outfits that will look the best together in photographs.

This is why we created our always growing Dress Collection, a collection of dresses for moms and daughters to choose from when booking our Harmony or Serenity packages. We started this collection because we love the way flowy dresses look in photos, so we provide that for our clients.

Our Unity package goes one step further by providing outfit rentals for the whole family to wear during their family session. We literally do all the work of choosing the perfect outfits for your family portrait session.

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