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A Pet Photographer Near Me? What to look for.

Pets are family members and you cannot tell me otherwise. And, they have SO MUCH personality. How do you find a pet photograher near you that can capture your pet's personality? There are three things I feel like you should look for in a pet photographer.

Do you like the photographer's style?

This is so important! And one of the major considerations is whether you want outdoor or studio type photos. At Sage + Sable, we do both, but we much prefer outdoor because we can put your pet on a long lead and allow them to just be themselves. However, there are also perks to doing photo sessions in the pet's home. For one, the pet is usually more comfortable. That is how we got this photo:

How much time is the pet photographer going to spend with your pet?

There is a lot of hype about how great mini sessions are for pets, and maybe they are great for some pets. But at 20 minutes long, what if your pet is excited for a new place and people. And, sometimes that camera is so scary! What happens then? Many times the photographer won't refund the money "because it wasn't their fault." And, that is correct, but its also not you or your pets. This is how most pets are and that should be accounted for.

At Sage + Sable we aim to create artwork of your pet that you are proud to hang in your home and we realize with pets it often takes more than 20 mintutes. We always say mini sessions work great for extremely well trained pets but if your pet gets excited (like ours!) then a full session might be best.

We also don't focus on the hours in the session, we focus on the photos. If we are an hour in and don't feel we have what we need to create that timeless art for your home, we simple stay. And, if we can't we will schedule another session, free of charge, on another day, potentially at another location. This will all be communicated to you during the session.

What is your budget?

Of course your budget is important. You need to know what you are willing to spend for those timeless photos of your pet. Just know that many boutique photographers offer payment plans and at Sage + Sable we have just that. Right now, we have no packages for our pet photography simply a session fee of $200. This does not include any digital photos or wall art, but both can be purchased after the session. If you are interested in our prices please email us at

Why don't you give digitals?

This might be our next blog, but in short, it is because we believe that photography is art that deserves to be showcased in your home, not on your phone.

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