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A Family Photographer Near Me? What to look for.

Candid fall family photo

Finding your perfect photographer can be hard.

You have a family, which means you are already busy, and on top of that there are so many factors that go into finding a photographer.

For starters, you want to like their photos.

I can't believe how many clients tell me that they have had photos taken before that they would never want to hang on their wall because they don't feel real, they were too posed. In short, they photos did not show them. You want a photographer that strives to show your unique family in a way that you would hang on your wall.

Location matters, but maybe not as much as you think.

Of course, if you are located in Indiana, you don't want a photographer from California (or maybe you do), but you definately do not need to settle for one just because they are closer to you. Many boutique family photographers will travel an hour or two for the perfect client. This is why sending an email to or callsing the photographer you love is so important because if you love their work, then you are most likely their perfect client. The one they are willing to go above and beyond for.

However, some family photographers will have a set mileage distance or travel time that they will do for free (at Sage + Sable it is up to 2 hours one way) for their perfect client. After that amount, they will typically charge a per mile fee.

You probably want to like the family photographer.

This is another reason why it is so important to meet with your photographer and have a consultation with them. Many photographers want to get to know their clients and form a relationship with them. At Sage + Sable this is a must because we want to know that you like who we are and that you trust us create those heirlooms that will stay on your walls for years to come.

Think about what the family photographer offers.

Are they offering you an experience or just an online link with digital photos? Are they helping you design art for your home, helping you choose outfits, giving you advice, and answering questions when you ask (or before)?

Remember that you are paying for a service, and you should recieve an experience (which is more than links and digital information). You deserve a photographer that cares about you and your family. A photographer that wants your family to look their absolute best in your photos. This is why Sage + Sable created our Dress Collection, for you to look your best. And if we don't have a dress you like, then in the Harmony Package, we will go out and buy one that you will love. And if you want us to dress the whole family, we offer that too in our Unity Package.

But, no matter what package you get with us you will recieve outfit consultation. We will help you pick out your outfits however you need, whether that is via photos, video calls, or in person consultations.

You should also think about how you will be treated after the session. We hinted at this earlier, but are you being sent a link of the digital files and then sent on your way? Or are you continuing to have that experience with your photographer where they help you choose the best art for your home. You want a photographer that will help you chose the type, size, and frame that best suits your home.

This is why at Sage + Sable we have an in person gallery viewing session and we love doing it in the comfort of our clients home. When we go to your home we are able to see your home and help you imagine the art on your walls. And an added bonus, is that won't need to worry about someone watching your children. We come to you.

Budget is important, but know many boutiques have payment plans.

Budget is something you should always consider and we know that boutique family photography is more expensive. However, many boutiques will offer playment plans so that you can break the cost up. This is actually something I did with my wedding photography and it allowed me to get the photographer I dreamed of without breaking the bank.

But, it is something that you might have to ask about, again showcasing the importance of consulting with your dream photographer.

At Sage + Sable, we offer payment plants that differ for every client becaue we know that every family is different. However, it is something that I discuss with clients in our consultation meeting. For booking, all that is needed is a non-refundable retainer that is equivalent to the session fee for all of our packages. However, we do like over half of the package amounts paid before the session, and the remainder before recieving the silk albums that are included. We also offer payment plans for any wall art that our clients order.

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